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AWP Asiimov Giveaway
$60 Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    26 days
AK-47 Asiimov Giveaway
$36 Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    8 days
FAMAS Commemoration Giveaway
$8 Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    5 days

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2x 25€ Steam Gift Card Giveaway!
50€ Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    9 days
Outlast Steam Key Giveaway!
16.79€ Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    5 days
10€ Steam Gift Card Giveaway!
10€ Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    5 days

How to join giveaways on vLoot.io

Participate for free in daily giveaways for CSGO, Steam Gift Cards, Steam Games & more!

We host high-quality giveaways daily. You can enter as many as you like using Twitter, Steam, Discord, or other social media.

Our awesome giveaways on vLoot.io are hosted via a tool called gleam.io which makes it quite easy to enter them within a few seconds – it also allows us to make sure that everything is fair, and everyone can take part.

Gleam is the most trusted giveaway software, that is also used by most game developers, gambling sites, game stores and many more to host their giveaways.

To enter our giveaways, you can simply select the giveaways that are looking interesting to you and complete as many entry tasks as possible! It only takes one entry task completion, which can be done within a few seconds to join the giveaway but completing more entry tasks significantly increases your winning chances as each entry gives you more tickets.

We also display the estimated price value of our prizes and their remaining time until the contest ends to always communicate the most important details to the participants.

If you wish to maximize your chances of winning a giveaway, it would be smart to enter as many giveaways as possible – to stay up to date on new giveaways, you can join our Steam Group and our Discord Server, keep an eye on our Subreddit, subscribe to our newsletter or simply visit our website occasionally, to search for new gleam giveaways!

The winners of our giveaways are usually rolled within 1-3 days after the giveaway has ended and we contact them via the email address they have entered inside the gleam giveaway so make sure to enter a valid email to avoid losing out on a winner notification! Occasionally, we also send out a Twitter DM via the official vLoot Twitter account but an email will always be the main way of contacting our winners.

Some winners share their winnings on Twitter and tag us in the post while other winners are kind enough to give us a review on our Trustpilot page – in case of you winning a giveaway on vLoot, It would be very appreciated if you could do the same for us in order to show other potential winners that the giveaways are legit!

What is vLoot.io?

vLoot has been founded in late 2018 and originally started off as a place where we mostly featured third party gleam giveaways from various gaming related businesses such as marketplaces, survey sites, gambling sites or other places – we were also manually looking for potential gleam giveaways to add onto vLoot and occasionally also come up with our own giveaways.

Nowadays, we are only displaying our own giveaways for the most part as the budget for giveaways on our end has gone up over the years and the site has grown in popularity.

We make our money back by displaying affiliate banners on the site, adding affiliate links to giveaways, and selling advertising spots or direct campaigns to advertisers on vLoot which help us to keep supplying our visitors with awesome giveaways on a regular basis.

If you wish to learn more about hosting a giveaway yourself on vLoot or buying some advertisements for your own projects/social media accounts, then feel free to email us via [email protected]

Unlimited legit giveaways in one place

Within the last years, gaming and especially pc gaming has gained a lot of popularity – what used to be a niche hobby 10 years ago, turned into a massive mainstream interest that also allows a lot of various people to make a living nowadays by running their own business in the gaming industry or creating content around it.

Giveaways were always an extremely popular concept as it gives everyone the chance to win some awesome prizes for free and who does not like freebies?

Over the years, a lot of websites that offered free giveaways or direct freebies that were gaming related came and disappeared.

Websites like Marvelousga, Dupedornot or Gamezito were big sites that allowed anyone to earn free Steam Keys by completing simple tasks that only took a few minutes.

The difference with these sites was that they handed out guaranteed prizes to every participant that were cheap usually.

Most of these instant Steam key giveaway sites like Marvelousga do not exist anymore nowadays however due to either the founders moving on to other projects, the sites not making a profit anymore or the lower supply of Steam keys due to Steam limiting the amount of product keys each developer could generate for his games to prevent mass key giveaways.

On the other hand, there were also sites like Lyveraffle or Treasuregiveaways that did not hand out guaranteed prizes for everyone but instead allowed everyone to enter contests by completing simple tasks for the chance of winning bigger prizes.

All these sites came to an end eventually for their own reasons but vLoot.io is here to stay and expand.

For the time being, we are offering a great place to find various Steam Game/Gift Card or CSGO Giveaways all the time, but we are also planning on expanding and offering new products in the second half of 2021 and onwards so stay tuned for that!

Get in touch!

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We are also always looking for new potential partnerships and are open for new team members that wish to join vLoot.io as a developer, designer or anything else that adds value to the project!

In case of you wanting to work with us, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]