CSGO Giveaways

Flip Knife Doppler Giveaway! (+$200)
+$200 Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    11 days
AWP Redline Giveaway!
$30 Prize Value!
  • Prize Value
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    25 days
AWP Asiimov Giveaway
  • Prize Value
    $57 Prize Value!
  • Ways to enter
  • Ends in
    27 days

CSGO Giveaways

vLoot is the best website if you're looking for CSGO Giveaways. We give away skins, knives, keys, giftcards and much more. You have to complete simple tasks to get tickets for the giveaway. Every ticket has the same chance to win! Some tasks give more tickets, some tasks give less tickets. The tasks are really easy to complete, you just have to join a Steam Group or a Discord for example. Even if you complete every single task on the list, to get as much tickets as possible, it will most likely take less than 5 minutes.

Win free CSGO Skins

Our giveaways are the best way to get free skins for CSGO. You can just check our site daily or enable push notifications to enter as many giveaways as possible. The more giveaways you enter, the higher your chances to win! We're not like other sites. We actually have really expensive, attractive and in demand skins, like the AWP Asiimov, for you to win. All you need to win is to enter, and a little luck!

What other giveaways do you offer?

We also host Steam giftcard giveaways, TF2 giveaways, game giveaways and many more. Check out our other pages to find other cool stuff to win. Most people want to win CS:GO skins because you can sell them for steam balance, and use that to buy whatever game you want on Steam.

How to use Gleam

If you've never heard of Gleam and are unsure what it is, Gleam is a tool that we use for our giveaways that allows us to offer tasks for entries. You have to sign-in to gleam with your social media accounts (Steam, Twitter, Discord). This way they can check you completed the tasks. Gleam allows us to ensure all our giveaways are equally as fair to everyone, and stops bots from cheating our giveaways. Gleam is 100% trusted and most CS:GO sites use it to host their giveaways.

I don't have Twitter, can I enter the CSGO Giveaway?

Yes, you can. If you don't have a Twitter, Steam or Discord account, you can still do other tasks where you have the required social media accounts. However we would suggest you to just create an account to get more entries. If you use our site daily and enter many CSGO giveaways, it makes sense to have all required social media accounts. For the best chance to win we recommend creating a Steam, Twitter and Discord account. Instagram, Snapchat and others are not as important.

10€ Steam Gift Card Giveaway!
Only 4 days remaining!
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