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Outlast Steam Key Giveaway!
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    6 days is the #1 site for game giveaways. We give away high quality games and steam gift cards daily. You can enter as many giveaways as you like using Twitter, Steam, Discord or other social media. We use Gleam, to make sure everything is fair and everyone can take part. Gleam is the most trusted giveaway software, that is also used by most game developers, gambling sites, game stores and many more to host their giveaways.

Win free games

Our giveaways are the easiest way for you to get free games. You don't have to do anything besides completing some simple social media tasks. For example, you would have to follow someone on Twitter, retweet something and join a steam group to enter. The more tasks you complete, the higher your chance to win! You can complete only one task or every single one that is available. Make sure to complete all tasks for the best chance to win the prize.

Get high quality Steam games

You may think, that you will only get bad 1$ games when you win. That is not the case, we only give away high quality steam games. We also give away steam gift cards, so you can buy yourself whatever game you want. If you win you will get the key, that you can activate in steam. Sometimes we also add you and gift you the game directly. Be aware of scams, we will never ask you for any passwords or to sign-in anywhere.

What are Steam Keys?

Steam product keys are a practical tool for developers to distribute their Steam games in various external places such as giveaway sites or online stores.

Each Steam Game Key can be redeemed once on Steam and it grants the user access to the game in a similar way purchasing the game directly via the Steam store would do.

Steam Keys are divided into beta keys and normal key types – the beta key type is usually handed out for beta testers, early crowdfunding rewards, and other noncommercial testing purposes while the traditional/normal key type is used for giveaways or resale purposes on online stores like Steam key or bundle websites.

How to get free Steam Keys in 2021

Earning free Steam Games and keys in general is not too hard nowadays – there are a lot of places that you should check out to get notified about upcoming Steam key giveaways, free steam key reward campaigns and other opportunities to get some awesome Steam games for free. It requires some minor efforts here and there and also patience but, in the end, you’ll be able to receive hundreds of Steam games for free over time.

How to get free Steam games

The easiest way to get free Steam games is to look out for paid games that become available for free somewhere for a limited time – these games can be claimed in that time to have them added to your Steam library permanently for free. Some examples for that would either be a developer that decides to make his paid game available for free on Steam for a limited time or a third-party website that teams up with a developer to hand out free keys to everyone that performs certain tasks like a newsletter subscription or a social media follow.

There are some very reliable Discord Servers, Steam Groups, websites and other communities that post free game findings all across the internet to make as many gamers as possible get free games from these limited events. Popular sites like Humblebundle give out exceedingly popular games occasionally, for free! In exchange, you only have to create an account at their site and subscribe to their newsletter usually to receive the free Steam key within a few minutes. These keys can technically be re-sold or traded from you to earn money or get other games that you desire but you can also just redeem them for yourself to enjoy your new free Steam game immediately.

Often, there will also be a free game up for grabs on bigger game launchers like Steam or Epic Games.

These games will be added to your account directly however and cannot be traded with others so there’s no way of exchanging your free game from these campaigns for something else.

How to enter Steam Key Giveaways

There is also a certain type of Steam Key Giveaway out there that grants users a guaranteed Steam Key after completing a specific set of tasks on the according Steam Key Giveaway website.

Usually, this list of tasks requires you to follow some accounts on social media, visit websites, join Steam groups or Discord Servers, or add a game to your wish list on Steam.

Completing these tasks does only take a few minutes and in exchange you will be granted a free Steam Key. These Steam Keys that are handed out from mass key giveaways are usually not the best, but it is still a reliable way to get yourself some cheap Steam games for free.

A lot of Steam Key Giveaway websites that used to be popular back in the day do not exist anymore due to their lack of profitability with their operations or simply a lack of keys as Steam has limited the number of keys that each indie developer can get for his game to prevent game developers from creating games only for the sake of mindlessly spawning thousands of Steam Keys to give them away and farm social media followers that way.

Free Steam Wallet Codes

Places that hand out free Steam Wallet Codes are harder to find than Free Steam Keys and whenever you come across a place that teaches you how to get free Steam Wallet Codes, you should also think twice to make sure that you are not falling for a scam here as things that sound too good to be true usually are. Having money on your Steam Wallet, does not allow you to cash out the funds and turn it into real money – it allows you to purchase any game or DLC you desire from the Steam store however or buy various in-game items from the player driven Steam Community Market that contains thousands of tradeable goods such as Steam Trading Cards from different games or popular in-game items from games like CSGO, Dota 2 or TF2. The most reliable way to earn free Steam Wallet Funds would be to enter various giveaways on websites like and other places or social medias and consider checking out Offerwalls that allow you to complete tasks like surveys, sign ups or app downloads in order to earn yourself some credits on the specific Offerwalls site that you decided to work on.

In most cases, these credits that you earned on that site can be exchanged for various gift cards – often, these sites also offer Steam Wallet Codes, especially if they are targeting gamers as their main audience since Steam Gift Cards are a very popular prize that any gamer would work towards on an Offerwalls website.

This method however requires a lot of your time and probably comes very close to finding some way to work online.